CD-120 (Back View)

CD-120 (Back View)

CD-120 (Front View)

CD-120 (Front View)


What makes us different? See for yourself:


  • ​Well Built for Durability & Easy Transport

  • Anti-theft Glass Frame & Pull Out Drawers for Efficient Point of Purchase

  • Fluorescent Green Display with Sections  

  • 120 Blister Packaged Pieces Compatible            

  • Power - Up To 1500 mAh for maximum charging capacity. We welcome you to try it and compare. Just ask for a sample.

Blister Packaging Refill

Blister Packaging Refill



Here are the products available to you when you are low in stock:

1. Lightning (IP5/6) - 3 Ft.  Braided Cable

2. Micro USB (Android) - 3 Ft. Braided Cable

3. USB 3.0 (GS5/Note3) - 3 Ft. Braided Cable

4. 30-pin (IP4/4S) - 3 Ft. Braided Cable

5. Premium Headphones - Unbelievable Bass + Materials 

6. Auxiliary Cord - 3 Ft. Shining Cable  

7. Car or Home Adapter in Various Designs

Refills usually come in packages of 25-50 pieces and colors/designs will be chosen on availability otherwise requested. We will be happy to work with you on your business needs. 

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